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Cat riding a roomba chasing a duckling

I dunno what to say about this. It’s pretty awesome.

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Manning up the family car

Another Saturday spent at home an due to budgetary restrictions, we had to cancel a trip to Pismo beach to race dune buggies.

I lieu of Camping and dune buggies I decided to add some awesome to the family car.

Here is what it looked like in the beginning.


I found this stuff called plastidip. It is similar to spray paint except it dries into a layer of rubber sheeting that is completely removable incase you change your mind. Best if all it does not hurt the paint.

The package said it was good for making a bug bra, racing stripe or complete covering.

On to the Saturday morning adventure. Warning! Wear a respirator. I got good case of dizziness and euphoria from the fumes. However I think the euphoria comes from brain damage (google huffing paint).







I’m pretty happy with the result. It is even in my sons favorite color, green. Blacking out the rims added an extra level of badassness to the project.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.

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Swiss army knives and Ka-bar, still a manly tradition

Even though it is not common to see men walk around with hunting knives strapped to their hips I am still a firm believer that a knife is one of those tools that is a part of being a man (or really tough woman).

My dad gave me my first swiss army knife when I was 12. It was a knock off but I still treasured it. It was walking tool kit in my pocket. A symbol that I was responsible enough to carry it and not hurt myself. I gave that same knife to my son on our second camping trip together. He was a little young and he still didn’t use it with out my supervision, but it still meant the world to him that I gave him my very first pocket knife.

Nowadays I carry something less ornate that also complies with our local laws (no knives with blades over 3″ in length). Most of the time it is put to use cutting open boxes that I receive from Amazon, but it does make me feel like that same kid with the tool box in my pocket. It has served me well in emergencies as well as around the campfire. My everyday carry knife is the Tool Logic SLPB2 Tactical Folding 1/2 Serrated Knife Check it out here :

There are those times when you are out in the wild and you need something that is a little more capable. That is when I call upon my Ka-bar Becker BK7

It is a direct decendant of the Marine corps Ka-bar knife my grandfather carried in WWII. This knife can skin a deer as well as chop down a tree and is enough knife to make crocodile Dundee jealous.

picture courtesy of blade forums

picture courtesy of blade forums

Here is Ka-Bar’s latest testimonial about their knives. Kinda makes you wanna grow a beard and then shave it with a freshly sharpened Ka-Bar. Hoo-rah!!!

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Cut your hair you dirty hippy…8 year old

Learning to cut your kid’s hair can save you a lot of money. It also requires a saintly amount of patience.

I decided to try cutting my 8-year-old’s hair and save the 17 bucks that the local Supercuts wanted for a haircut. 17 dollars!!! Whatever happened to “Shave and a haircut, two bits”? Anyways, after trying with my Norelco beard trimmer and giving him a bald spot, I decided I needed better tools.

I treated this like a weekend home improvement project and ran out to pick up a set of clippers, some scissors and a barber pole. We restarted the salon session after a visit to the local drug store where I found a complete haircut kit for $15. What a deal… clippers, a comb, scissors and smock. Thank you cheaply made Chinese goods.

After the 30th time of saying “stop moving around or I might cut it crooked” and “stop scratching I know it’s itchy”, we were almost to the promised land. I just had to try and get the side burns right. “A little off the left…wait… too much. A bit off the right. Dammit! It’s crooked”

We finally got it right and were even able to hide the bald spot.


There is no real moral or lesson to this story other than in my old age I’m getting too cheap to pay $17 for a stinkin’ haircut.

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