The return to fatherhood aka daddy part deux

It has been 5 months since I have posted anything.  Since the my family has welcomed a new baby and he has in turn welcomed us with sleepless nights, piles of diapers and a smile that never fails to melt our hearts.  Our 9 year old has turned out to be one of the best big brothers ever.  He is constantly looking out for his baby brother and offering to help with bottles and diapers

Both my wife and I are back to work.  God bless retired grandparents.  They watch the baby and help out with the older son. I guess familial bliss doesn’t lend itself to much adventure.  To make this intersting ill end this with Luco Brazzi’s famous quote from the God Father:

Standby for more adventure such as:

The Cubscouts  and the trebuchet

learning weld from youtube

midlife crisis as viewed from a motorcycle

Wanna make 5 Dollars the hardway?


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