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What the duck

This may be the most inane thing I have ever witnessed.  I am sitting at a Starbucks in the middle of the day.  Watch people react to a duck.  Yes, a duck.  Normally this kind of event merrits a few minutes of conversation like, ” hey there’s a duck, let’s get some coffee” or at best “let’s feed it some popcorn/bread/whatever else ducks eat”.  The duck was clearly not injured.  From my vast experience with ducks *sarcasm* it seemed like he/she was resting and waiting out the heat before flying off to meet its fate with Elmer Fudd.

However the most discouraging part of the whole experience was listening to people’s reactions to a duck at th starbucks.  From this point one I will name the duck since it has become such a big part of my day.  I will call him Peking.


So the comments about this duck have been:

“I wanna pet it but I don’t want it to attack me” (geese May attack but I have never seen a duck get aggressive)

“Has anyone called animal control to rescue it.” (Just leave the duck alone.  What if some threatened to lock you up when you stop to rest and get a drink at the Starbucks)

“That duck looks like good eatin” (I like that guy, finally a practical bystander)

“Why is it lifting its leg like that” (it’s taking a poop leave it alone)

“Let’s feed it a Banana!!!” (Hmmmph I am sure that is exactly what this duck wants)

“He looks hungry throw him a grape” (no comment, seriously?)

“Hey little duck what are you doing in this neighborhood, are you lost?” (At this point I was hoping Peking would use his words just to freak this guy out)


This continues ad nauseum.


I think the worst part is I have just spend 20 minutes writing about a frigging duck.  A Frigging Duck!

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Webelos camp and the proud but anxious father

Camp trask fort

It is the eve before my son’s firstday at summer camp.   I get to drive him there and drop him off and drive away anxiously as he spends his week learning and playing with other scouts his age.  I think that I may be more concerned than he is.  As we were getting him ready, I made sure that he had his scouting 10 outdoor essentials, his webelos manual and some bacon jerky Incase he needed an extra snack. All I can think of is if he will be ok being at a strange camp by by himself (without a familiar grown up).  Then the paranoia set in followed by all the what ifs.  What if he wanders off and gets lost in the wilderness.  What if he comes across a bear.  What if there is a forest fire. There isn’t much more to write other than as every parent eventually does, I will have to let go and trust that my son can handle himself and take one more step closer to manhood by learning to be independent.  With a prayer and a hopeful heart I wish my best Bud a day filled with joy and learning at Camp.


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