What the duck

This may be the most inane thing I have ever witnessed.  I am sitting at a Starbucks in the middle of the day.  Watch people react to a duck.  Yes, a duck.  Normally this kind of event merrits a few minutes of conversation like, ” hey there’s a duck, let’s get some coffee” or at best “let’s feed it some popcorn/bread/whatever else ducks eat”.  The duck was clearly not injured.  From my vast experience with ducks *sarcasm* it seemed like he/she was resting and waiting out the heat before flying off to meet its fate with Elmer Fudd.

However the most discouraging part of the whole experience was listening to people’s reactions to a duck at th starbucks.  From this point one I will name the duck since it has become such a big part of my day.  I will call him Peking.


So the comments about this duck have been:

“I wanna pet it but I don’t want it to attack me” (geese May attack but I have never seen a duck get aggressive)

“Has anyone called animal control to rescue it.” (Just leave the duck alone.  What if some threatened to lock you up when you stop to rest and get a drink at the Starbucks)

“That duck looks like good eatin” (I like that guy, finally a practical bystander)

“Why is it lifting its leg like that” (it’s taking a poop leave it alone)

“Let’s feed it a Banana!!!” (Hmmmph I am sure that is exactly what this duck wants)

“He looks hungry throw him a grape” (no comment, seriously?)

“Hey little duck what are you doing in this neighborhood, are you lost?” (At this point I was hoping Peking would use his words just to freak this guy out)


This continues ad nauseum.


I think the worst part is I have just spend 20 minutes writing about a frigging duck.  A Frigging Duck!

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Webelos camp and the proud but anxious father

Camp trask fort

It is the eve before my son’s firstday at summer camp.   I get to drive him there and drop him off and drive away anxiously as he spends his week learning and playing with other scouts his age.  I think that I may be more concerned than he is.  As we were getting him ready, I made sure that he had his scouting 10 outdoor essentials, his webelos manual and some bacon jerky Incase he needed an extra snack. All I can think of is if he will be ok being at a strange camp by by himself (without a familiar grown up).  Then the paranoia set in followed by all the what ifs.  What if he wanders off and gets lost in the wilderness.  What if he comes across a bear.  What if there is a forest fire. There isn’t much more to write other than as every parent eventually does, I will have to let go and trust that my son can handle himself and take one more step closer to manhood by learning to be independent.  With a prayer and a hopeful heart I wish my best Bud a day filled with joy and learning at Camp.


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5oz of pine and insanity/2nd place isn’t so bad


Pinewood Derby, inspiring obsession and madness in fathers for 60 years

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The return to fatherhood aka daddy part deux

It has been 5 months since I have posted anything.  Since the my family has welcomed a new baby and he has in turn welcomed us with sleepless nights, piles of diapers and a smile that never fails to melt our hearts.  Our 9 year old has turned out to be one of the best big brothers ever.  He is constantly looking out for his baby brother and offering to help with bottles and diapers

Both my wife and I are back to work.  God bless retired grandparents.  They watch the baby and help out with the older son. I guess familial bliss doesn’t lend itself to much adventure.  To make this intersting ill end this with Luco Brazzi’s famous quote from the God Father: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OgZ60tcT17s&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DOgZ60tcT17s

Standby for more adventure such as:

The Cubscouts  and the trebuchet

learning weld from youtube

midlife crisis as viewed from a motorcycle

Wanna make 5 Dollars the hardway?


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Let’s get ready to rumb….ahem….birth a baby!!!

July 1, 2013AM 8:56

Skip ahead to the good part. Delivery went smoothly, wife did great. Best of all, our new baby is enormous. 9lb 1oz. He’s got a set of lungs on him that rival the scream from the singer of an 80s glam metal band.


The manlydad adventure continue…with diapers!!!

July 1, 2013 7:25AM

Doctors just scrubbed in and I am waiting to be brought in for the birth of little Dequan,Chuck,Rigoberto

July 1, 2013 7:02AM

It’s go time


July 1, 2013 5:41AM

Bleary eyed and exhausted after less than 2 hours sleep we are checked in at the hospital. Almost ready to welcome little Cornelius, Kanye , Jethro into the world.

July 1, 2013 2:32AM

It’s either the excitement or insomnia. Regardless of what it is it sucks. I have to be up in 2 hours and have not slept a wink. 3 hours until we are due at the hospital and 5 hours until I meet my new son.

Here is my strategy for staying awake later this morning:

June 30th 2013 11:59PM

Here is the play by play blog of the birth of baby <insert first name here> Right now my wife is resting and getting ready for a scheduled c-section in the morning.  So far the doctor’s instructions are no more food after midnight.  The first thought that comes to mind is…”am I married to a mogwai?”

“And will she turn into a gremlin if I feed her after midnight.”

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t-minus 72 hours until Manlydad x2

As I am sitting on -3 day before my new son is born I am left to contemplate so many things.
First of all, its been 8 3/4 years since I have had to deal with a newborn. The things that come to mind are how did the first one turn out so great considering I was a wreck. My only inspiration of fatherhood was Adam Sandler’s movie Big Daddy. If you haven’t seen the movie, here is a summary of the plot. An unemployed man-child pretends to be his roommate to adopt a child to try to get his cheating girlfriend to not leave him. In the process, he learns to grow up and eventually becomes a productive member of society. I am not sure if my story is the same but I do still act like a 12 year old man-child. I mean, for goodness sakes my 8 year old and I crack up at armpit farts and I am almost 40.


Secondly, my first son and I were ready to start adventuring like big kids. I bought an off road vehicle, collected an impressive collection of fishing lures for every type of fresh water fish, and I taught him how to swear. Ok, maybe not the last one.

Lastly, we are almost at the moment when the new edition to our family breathes his first breath and cries his first cry. All I can think of is how proud I am of my wife for toughing out the past 9 months and the pride I have in my son who is so excited to be a big brother.


I leave this post with the 2 occasions when a man is allowed to cry. When his dog dies and when his child is born. (I also hear that if it’s your party you can also cry if you want to)

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Roasting a whole pig in a pit!!!

This is the ultimate form of cooking. It involves a hole in the ground, fire and a whole animal.

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Weekly tool – the scroll saw

Ok so the last post was nonsense but we are getting more serious about our manhood here.

One thing that every man needs is his own work shop. Any man worth his salt has a set of power tools that can build beautiful wooden furniture or horribly disfigure some fingers if not wielded correctly.

Here is the first feature tool in our weekly series. The scroll saw.

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Cat riding a roomba chasing a duckling

I dunno what to say about this. It’s pretty awesome.

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Manning up the family car

Another Saturday spent at home an due to budgetary restrictions, we had to cancel a trip to Pismo beach to race dune buggies.

I lieu of Camping and dune buggies I decided to add some awesome to the family car.

Here is what it looked like in the beginning.


I found this stuff called plastidip. It is similar to spray paint except it dries into a layer of rubber sheeting that is completely removable incase you change your mind. Best if all it does not hurt the paint.

The package said it was good for making a bug bra, racing stripe or complete covering.

On to the Saturday morning adventure. Warning! Wear a respirator. I got good case of dizziness and euphoria from the fumes. However I think the euphoria comes from brain damage (google huffing paint).







I’m pretty happy with the result. It is even in my sons favorite color, green. Blacking out the rims added an extra level of badassness to the project.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.

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